Off Road Vehicles


Whether it’s braking components, steering & suspension systems, fuel systems, engine parts, gears, shafts or housings for transmissions, precision metal components are a critical part of the technology that allow off-road equipment to function flawlessly day-in and day-out. The precision metal components we manufacture help make your customers’ off-road vehicles more competitive and effective. In other words, the next time you need off-road components, give us a call….together we’ll make the earth move.

Some Good Fit

Rear axle housings, arms, shafts, turntables, spindles, fuel system components, steering pinions & input shafts, torsion bars spools, engine components, transmission components, gears, sprockets, brake pistons, master cylinder pistons and housings, sensors, hub assemblies, fuel injectors, variable valve timing, cam phasing components, parts and emission control components.

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